Schedule for the month of December 2011

-Thursday, December 1st, class A uniform, inspections and promotions.

-Thursday, December 8th, class B uniform, drill and classes

-Saturday, December 10th, color guard, class A uniform, Christmas party at the pavilions for veterans, drop off at 1100hrs, pick up at 1200hrs (noon) 

-Thursday, December 15th, class B uniform, drill and classes.

-Thursday, December 22nd, class D uniform, unit Christmas party, bring unisex gift, not more than $5.00, (if you bring a gift you will receive a gift)

-Thursday, December 29th, no meeting, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!

- make sure you have all the parts to your uniforms, including your guide book and cover!!!!
-(remember, if you cannot make it to a meeting or a function, call an instructor.)